A demon angel

Among all the man made things in this world, money is that one bliss wrapped evil everyone falls for. When the earth just began to existence, the only thing that mattered was survival. Save your self from being eaten and hunt to eat. The whole days passed on this struggle to either save yourself orContinue reading “A demon angel”


Minka was born to a couple who very badly wanted a baby. Their relatives who were around their age, were either pregnant or had their first baby. Tensed about what people would think about their fertility, they finally had a baby girl. They loved her dearly, so dearly, that they decided her life as ifContinue reading “Toxity”


When it is said ” The world is a stage and we are all actors” i truely wonder how long a show is it ? Everyone is unique. So is their charecter in this world. But attention is that addictive limelight that can spoil your uniqueness. In life, everyone gets a chance to be inContinue reading “Attention”


How is “sorry” powerful? Have you ever wondered? A combination of a few alphabets that hold allot of meaning differing from persons to persons. To someone who is filled with ego and pride, this word can break or build their pride. To someone who is kind at heart, this word is a way they makeContinue reading “S.O.R.R.Y”

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