Once upon a time there was a small diya that sat on the edge of a table in a fancy store, waiting for someone to pick him up. He looked at every customer that came looking for a diya. But no one noticed him. Everyone looked at the huge majestic ones that were painted and had creative art work and decorations on it. While he was just a small simple diya.

As he sat there feeling dissapointed at himself, the shopkeeper came and picked him up with the other diyas sitting on the table. Even though he wasnt exclusively chosen, he was happy that he was, as well a choice though a random. He was placed in a packet with other diyas.

As swayed in the hand of the customer, he was feeling very excited. He promised to do his job the best so that he would be noticed among all the diyas. He believed he was special though he didnt seem on the outside. He remained still in the packet as ge waited for the moment to be taken out.

He waited for 2 days patiently and finally he was taken out of the packet. A very beautiful well dressed lady took him out of the packet. He looked around his new home. It was beautifully lighted and decorated. He felt he was lucky to be chosen to brighted such a beautiful house. The lady took him to the balcony and placed him on the parapet.

It was windy and there was lot of noise from all around. The lady pour in oil and placed a wick in him. Now is the time, he thought and was ready to do his best job. The light was lit and he imagined he was bright and beautiful as the sun. When ever the wind blew, he brightened more than he can so that the wind couldnt stop him. He did it all night till the oil was over. He was very tired but there wasnt anyone to take him in. But he was very understanding. He understood that his masters were sleeping and did not realize his job was done.

The sun rose and he opened his eyes tired and cold. He was waiting for his masters to wake up and take him in. He saw manybpeople come and go in the balcony. But he was eagerly waiting for the beautiful lady, his master. After a while a lady came and started picking the diyas and placing them in a box. Finally his wait has arrived, but her fingers unintentionally lost its grip while she held him and he sliped off the balcony, the lady had a “omg” expression for a second and moved on to pick up the next.

As he was falling, he was scared, he has never been broken before but what hurt him the most was that no matter how much he gave , neither was he noticed nor was he important to them. He looked at the uncanny lady as the gravity pulled him closer to the earth. She was not even bothered. ” But why” he thought ” What more could i have done?” And as he wondered, he was broken to smithereens, never knowing why was he never good enough.

Published by chanjalsworld

A writer, blogger, Painting Artist who loves to express.

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