Mimiko was a beautiful little girl born in the outskirts of Japan. She lived with her obasaan, her grandmother, who loved her dearly. Her obasaan told her stories about everything around, from the grasshoppers to the Gods, from the rains to the draught. She loved the nature and loved to believe what her obasaan hadContinue reading “Fuko”

Lost in the Memories

Sridevi was a rich Nair girl from Kerala. During the time, the rich and the poor difference, was quite evitable. While she played after school in her jerry creased long skirts and silk tops, her under privileged class mates helped their parents in their torn attires. She was not allowed to talk or even lookContinue reading “Lost in the Memories”

Never Again

Zar was a soul just like you and me. But unlike us, Zar would never age or die. He was born to human parents but as he turned 30 his good deeds and pure soul made the Almigty realize the need of such human angels on earth. As a boon he was granted the blessingContinue reading “Never Again”


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