The hermit crab

Once upon a time there lives a hermit carb who had the most beautiful shell of all. It was a bright red with small beautiful white and blue designs on it. When the sun was out, the shell would shine like a million diamond dust scattered over it. This intense beauty was a pride to the entire ocean . But alas all the glam and the glitter the shell had, the hermit crab who lived in the shell was a simple soul appreciated the simplicity in life.

Every creature in the ocean wanted to be related to this beautiful shell for which they pretended to be friends and even closer to the hermit crab who owned it. At every point in life the poor hermit crab realized the truth the hard way that no creature in ocean appreciated her but only the shell she lived it. She was hurt and felt used with most of the creatures who was a part of her life .Learning from all her lessons, she decided to silently live her life in shell, not letting anyone close enough to hurt her.

Birds and crabs, sea urchins and mussela all came by pretending to be friends to which she never obliged. But one day , over seeing a shadow, the little hermit came out of her shell to discover a small sparrow bird next to her. Frightened and terrified she rushed back into her shell. But the little sparrow despite the other birds seemed very friendly. Soon was it that the hermit crab and the little sparrows became the bestest friends. The ocean and the birds envied on their friendship yet they embraced their friendship enlightedly. Time passed on and their came a day when the little sparrow had to fly away. The little sparrow was sad but yet she was prepared for this to happen and flew away bidding her best friend the hermit crab,a good bye for ever. But the hermit crab wasn’t the same. She had never thought that she would find a creature who loved her than her shell and when she found one, she had lost the count of reality and had loved her little friend with all her little heart can love. And now when her friend flew away with all the essence of her heart, she felt lifeless and dead inside.

That is the first time she realized that though it was the most beautiful feeling she had ever felt, it is also feeling that is giving her this excruciating pain she is undergoing through. Unable to bare contain her emptiness, the hermit crab walked back to her shell shutting herself from the world once again.

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