Angel of death

I saw Rakha sitting on a cloud. Her pink wings looked so delicate. I wished I could touch them. As I ogled at her, our eyes met and her charismatic smile instantly vanished. She looked away. I went up to her and confessed my feelings. She was surprised for sure but rejected me point blank. She said I was emotionless and didn’t deserve her love. Well, I was relieved now, at least I did my part what ever the outcome was.

I went back to my cloud, but a word was stuck in my head, ‘Emotionless’. As I was lost in my thoughts, I was disrupted by a duty call. I got ready to take off to earth. I turned around to see Rakha with her friends, beautifully giggling at the other Angel boys flirting with them. I turned around and plunged off my cloud to take my flight to earth.

It was an apartment building. I settled myself on the terrace, opposite to the building. Through the window, I saw my target getting dressed when his wife walked up to him all dressed. I saw a twinkle in his eyes and her satisfaction on seeing his reaction. I found it very interesting, I wonder did I ever have a twinkle in my eyes when I saw Rakha. But never did I see a satisfaction in her eyes. As I was drifting away in my thoughts, my target, Rakesh and his wife were walking towards their car. We, the death angels, have to keep a close watch on our targets for a week till their destined date. I flew along side their car.

They went in to another house. I watched him through a window. Music, dance, booze and party. Everyone was enjoying a celebration. Watching them have a fun time together, I started wondering whether they would have the same fun, if they knew Rakesh just had a week to live? Days passed by and everything they did kept me wondering about the same question and every time I thought about it, I felt a coldness spread inside me that drained away any warmth I felt inside watching them bond.

Finally it was his destined day and Rakesh was on his hospital bed. Beeping machines were around him, wires and tubes passed in and out of him, while he laid on the bed motionless. My clock beeped, indicating it was time for Rakesh to move on. I touched his heart and Rakesh opened his eyes looking at me confused. I helped him stand and as soon as he did there was a long beep from one of the machines and doctors came running in. Rakesh was shocked to see himself lying on the bed when he was standing next to me. The doctors were trying to restart his heart, while Rakesh was crying and begging me to let him live. Suddenly I could hear a lady crying loudly from outside the room. Rakesh, broke down hearing it. “My Radha…” he kept saying looking at that direction. I watched him coldly. We, the death angels had no rights or power to grand him the wish to live a minute longer. I held his hand and he looked at me scared. I started to take flight into the skies as he silently floated alongside me, looking in the direction of his love.

I had undertaken innumerous cases, but this was the first time I could understand the emotionlessness in me. How I did not feel anything watching someone in pain. Rakha was right, I am emotionless, no matter what the reason is. Handing over Rakesh’s soul to his destination, I went back to my cloud where I could see Rakha far away. She was right, I thought. She deserves better than me. Thinking so I took my eyes off her. I laid down on my cloud looking at the clear sky above me lost in my own thoughts. We, the death Angels are emotionless, cold slaves, meant to take up our duties promptly without any questions or exceptions. We don’t deserve warm company as we will never understand their warmth. Coldly thinking about emotions I never will understand, I drifted off to sleep until my next duty call.

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