The angel inside

Stella was a stressed out woman. All her life, it was about responsibilities and duties. She was taught never to dissapoint and so she did her all for the same. From work to home and pleasure to priorities, she never fell behind her duties. Her close to perfectional attitute even impressed many. While she wasContinue reading “The angel inside”


No strings attatched

I was born alone like you and everybody, Though survival was my first instict, i was shown another priority, Privilaged to be born as a human, survival was a priority that was already taken care of So now it was about something beyond survival and alien to me. Emotions, dignity, respect, intergrity and other newContinue reading “No strings attatched”


I was a droplet of water living in the sea, Frolicking through the waves passing me, Blushing at the cold breeze that scuttle away, Giggling every time it touches me. I swam with the fishes and jumped with the dolphins, Plunging myself deeper into the sea, But every time, the waters pushed me back, Murmuring,Continue reading “A PAINED HEART”


I am a ball of fire, living up in the sky. I am called the sun, as I always shine. I rise from the mountains and sets into the seas, And throughout the day I touch all gazing me. Since the time I remember, I did the same, It was rising and setting and shiningContinue reading “INCOMPLETE LOVE”


The hidden tears

Kurumbi was a tribal lady who lived in the forest of Shambavi forest. It was during the British rule, where the indians were considered slaves. Unlike the other tribals, Kurumbi never preferred the cities. Ofcourse the cities were convenient but was wrong according to Kurumbi. The idea of harming the nature for convenience, was justContinue reading “The hidden tears”

A True Toxic Love

Sera and Rob were in love. The kind of love where they saw rainbows and butterflies when they were together. Every one who passed them by envied on their chemistry. The looked like they were a match made in heaven, their actions reflected how much each completes the other. Like how the world describes aContinue reading “A True Toxic Love”

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