( Ghost Writing service) “Chanjal is prompt in her actions and knows exactly what she wants from her clients. She’s always there to lend a helping hand to others. A writer who is capable of binding the reader as long as she wants and making the reader travel on the same train of thoughts make her possibly the best!! I have known her professionally for almost one year’s now. We connected through while one of the projects she was handling on behalf of my previous employer, after that she help me a lot on my very first technical book in…


(Art Mentor)”First of all I would love to say that Chanjal is a down-to-earth person, absolutely passionate, in poetry, cooking and what not? Never knew she had so many hands to do so much. A multi-talented person, and she is too keen to learn new things and explore it . She is definitely an inspiration for many. She knows to keep smiling and keep moving even at tough times. A strong lady I have met. I wish her All the Best for her new ventures and upcoming projects”


(Purchased the painting ‘Hope’) “We were quite impressed by your painting ‘HOPE’. She is so beautiful and you were able to capture the idea of hope in that painting so well. It felt just perfect. The element of light you put in that dark canvas really gave out a positive vibe to the whole painting. Though dark canvases are believed to be a bad omen, Your painting ‘HOPE’ proved them otherwise. We are more than happy to receive your painting. “

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