Expression”, a word that I have been seeking all my life. If words are expressions with alphabets, then paintings are expression through colours. Here, in Chanjal’s world, I share with you, my journey to express my unspoken thoughts and emotions through the words I write and the colours I paint. From the emptiness of the space to the depths of the sea, from the originality of the reality to the imagination of the fantasy, my journey of expression has traveled through the thickness of thoughts. The sources that mostly ignite my thoughts have been books and so as a tribute to their contribution, I do reviews about the books I read and share how my thoughts set its journey through the pages I read. This is my world and please feel to explore my world……. Welcome to Chanjal’s world!

DISCLAIMER: All My writings and paintings are results of inspirations. Almost none are related to my life, but situations and stories I have heard, read and seen has been voiced as my creations.

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About Me

Hi, I’m Chanjal S Kumar. A very simple person who enjoys the simplicity of life. I love to express my self through words and paintings for I believe its magical to be able to convey your unspoken feelings to the world. Read more

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