The Secret of Nagas and The oath of Vayuputras


Written RevieW

Author: Amish Tripati

Genre: Fantasy Fiction, Mythology

This review is regarding the continuation of the book “The immortals of Meluha” the first book among the “Shiva triology series by Amish Tripati.

The secret of Nagas: This book definitely quenches the curiosity created by the first book. Many unanswered questions are answered in this book and the story takes a true shape in this book. I exclusively like the way how Amish Tripati connected each character in reference to the Mythologies and gave them a story and back story that quite fits the mythological references and yet is completely believable.

The negatives of this book is that the style of writing isn’t as appealing as the first book. It doesn’t hold you back to finish the book. My reason to finish the books were the answers to the initiated mystery in the first book. But yet it is an average book when can be finished if tried as there are allot of incidents in this book that would touch our curiosity to some extend.

The oath of vayuputras: This is the 3rd and last book in the series. This book concludes the whole shiva trilogy and is the largest book among the other books in the series. Being honest, this was a book i didn’t finish reading but just randomly read through. There was introduction of allot more characters in this book and before we understand them a new set of characters make there entry so there was allot of confusion. The war scenes in this book has been in such a elaboration that it actually took away my patience. The details were so that the imagination of the scenes inside my head felt like a slow motion movie. these are the draw backs of this book but again I do recommend you to read all the three books as it is a series you should not miss at all!

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