The Timeless World of Reflection

Meera looked into the mirror and corrected her black framed round glasses. She smiled at herself with confidence and hopped away to work. By the evening, she returned all tired. Removing her round glasses she looked into the mirror. Her tired eyes were staring back at her. ” Why doesn’t the world see my beauty”Continue reading “The Timeless World of Reflection”

The Secret of Nagas and The oath of Vayuputras

VIDEO REVIEW Written RevieW Author: Amish Tripati Genre: Fantasy Fiction, Mythology This review is regarding the continuation of the book “The immortals of Meluha” the first book among the “Shiva triology series by Amish Tripati. The secret of Nagas: This book definitely quenches the curiosity created by the first book. Many unanswered questions are answeredContinue reading “The Secret of Nagas and The oath of Vayuputras”