You can choose to be happy

What is happiness? I have been seeking the true meaning of it, since my childhood. I have had moments when i think i was happy but then at that point, i didnt know that was ‘ happiness’. I thought when i attain my dreams is when i would become truely happy. My parents told meContinue reading “You can choose to be happy”

A demon angel

Among all the man made things in this world, money is that one bliss wrapped evil everyone falls for. When the earth just began to existence, the only thing that mattered was survival. Save your self from being eaten and hunt to eat. The whole days passed on this struggle to either save yourself orContinue reading “A demon angel”

Good night to the gloomy night!

Do you ever suddenly feel depressed out of no reason? One second you feel happy and the other you feel so empty and sad that you just feel disconnected? I am not someone who has always had happy times. From my share of lessons, i learnt to be happy at the moment without thinking. ButContinue reading “Good night to the gloomy night!”

Did you realize a universe in you?

I was reading this amazing book “Proof to heaven” by Dr. Eben Alexander and reading through chapter 14, I had a gush of thoughts rush through me which I felt I had to pen down. Today’s world, believes in logic, science, to be technical about the term. No; more than what people believe, it isContinue reading “Did you realize a universe in you?”