You can choose to be happy

What is happiness? I have been seeking the true meaning of it, since my childhood. I have had moments when i think i was happy but then at that point, i didnt know that was ‘ happiness’. I thought when i attain my dreams is when i would become truely happy. My parents told me to listen to them if i wanted to become truely happy. My friends told me to do what i wanted, to be truely happy. I did as every one told me, yet i wasn’t able to understand ‘happiness’ when i had it then. I always thought of ‘happiness’ as a far away treassure we had to work hard for.

When my dreams broke, i was shattered, not because i didn’t attain them, but because i thought that was the only way to ‘happiness’. For years i fought with my life and reality blaming on reasons and believing i can never be happy. After years of struggle inside and denial, i created a very small dream working hard for it. Unlike earlier, i attained this dream, but then i realized i never felt anything out of the ordinary. I was gleaming ear to ear, but this was a feeling i have had earlier in my life , i wondered. Then one day, i lost my father . That was when i was flooded with allot of realizations i should have had earlier. The void he created in our lives, brought back smiles to the memories we had together. Even when there was unbearable pain within me, the smile was relieving and for the first time i realized that , this was happiness.

As a kid, my parents always told me, like as if happiness was a far away thing. And probably the kiddish mind in me thought happiness was an emotion that happens with extreme hardwork and a moment that would give ‘a never before’ feeling. Ironically, even as an adult, i have been seeking it eagerly, not realizing any moment i had it.

Today i realize that happiness, like any other emotion, is a momentry thing. You have no conditions for it. It all depends on how you perceive anything atall. Even a flower can make you happy if you see it as something that does the same.

Why don’t i suggest you something? Choose a moment, lets say, a setting sun. The next time you see a setting sun, try thinking how beautiful and perfect it looks, appreciate every shade of light it emits, notice the colours around the sun and how beautifully it is settitng away in the horizon. Keep repeating to yor self how beautiful and happy you are to see it. Remember the emotion you felt. Now switch your perception. Think it as an ordinary phenomenon that happens everyday. The sun is setting, thats it! Look at it as something truely common and ordinary. Did you notice how your emoions changed? Share your experience in the comment box below! I am eager to know your thoughts !

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