No strings attatched

I was born alone like you and everybody,

Though survival was my first instict, i was shown another priority,

Privilaged to be born as a human, survival was a priority that was already taken care of

So now it was about something beyond survival and alien to me.

Emotions, dignity, respect, intergrity and other new concepts introduced to me

So in search of all that, i began my journey.

Parents and sibilings, friends and relatives, a zillion people walked in, out and stayed in my life,

And allot of things i learnt from them all.

From being said what to do, to learning on my own, i grew to the point i started to see patterns in behaviours,

Whome to trust, whome to pretend, whome to accept and whome to reject were things i was comming upto

Until the point i was reminded by the universe once again.

I am a mere human so nothing beyond my purpose matters

Dignity or not, intergrity or not, i am ment for a purpose so all i need to do is shut up and meet my purpose,

No complaints will be heard, no tauntrams will be entertained, only my purpose mattered for my wounds are trivial for the universe.

The wounds of survival are the deepest, it says which i am blessed not to know so the other wounds doesnt matter it says,

For something that has seen it all probably that is right, but for a mushroom like me that was born yesterday, no matter how trivial the wound, the hurt is deep.

But living under the shadows of the universe all i have to do is smile and remind myself how lucky i am.

No matter how many time hurt, i should have the smile on repeating my self on how blessed i am to be me.

And live on till the purpose is met. And the….

I would be released from being a human into the spaces of eternity,

Floating in the vaccum towards the abyss.

With no purposes attatched and no blessing to be thankful about.

Just being the me that i am, into the space of the unknown.

Published by chanjalsworld

A writer, blogger, Painting Artist who loves to express.

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