A habit

The sizzle on the tawa spread a pleasant aroma of dosa in the house. Swara was stirring the sambar beside the cooking dosa. She was juggling cooking and packing lunches for school and the office. ” Swara! Where is my belt?” a voice from the bedroom. ” Comming!” Swara responded, reducing the flames of theContinue reading “A habit”

The servant

She ran to her mom and peeked at the shouting lady. She understood that it was about her, but she didn’t remember herself being mischievous. She hid behind her mother trying to understand the situation. Her mother, in a feeble voice, said, “She is just a kid.” Hell broke loose, and the shouting lady wasContinue reading “The servant”

The story of a dandoline

I was a dandoline flower on a cliff. Simple, light and white was I and with a grace i stood there swaying to the slightest breeze. Far from the blurry horizon came a lady with brown hair that was shiny as the silk and a pale skin that looked soft like the clouds. May beContinue reading “The story of a dandoline”

The angel inside

Stella was a stressed out woman. All her life, it was about responsibilities and duties. She was taught never to dissapoint and so she did her all for the same. From work to home and pleasure to priorities, she never fell behind her duties. Her close to perfectional attitute even impressed many. While she wasContinue reading “The angel inside”

A longing lonely heart

Gaya was a beautiful girl who was born with a romantic heart. Her heart reflected in the way she looked and the world fancied romancing her. Though, to the world, romancing was lust, to her romance was the delicacy in anything beautiful. She enjoyed the simplest things in life and was surprised to how theContinue reading “A longing lonely heart”