A habit

The sizzle on the tawa spread a pleasant aroma of dosa in the house. Swara was stirring the sambar beside the cooking dosa. She was juggling cooking and packing lunches for school and the office. ” Swara! Where is my belt?” a voice from the bedroom. ” Comming!” Swara responded, reducing the flames of theContinue reading “A habit”

The servant

She ran to her mom and peeked at the shouting lady. She understood that it was about her, but she didn’t remember herself being mischievous. She hid behind her mother trying to understand the situation. Her mother, in a feeble voice, said, “She is just a kid.” Hell broke loose, and the shouting lady wasContinue reading “The servant”

I want you to be happy.

Saagrika was a stay at home parent. She sacrificed her career for her little babies upbringing. She never wanted them to miss anything just because she was working. From their little ” wow moments” to being their super mom, she wanted to fit in to all their wants and needs. Thankfully, her husband, Shantanu earnedContinue reading “I want you to be happy.”


Sejal sat in a dim lit room, lost in her thoughts. She was now legally divorced and she held the final divorce papers in her hand. She looked at the words that said “Rajat Singh”. A series of beautiful memories played in her head. Unintentionally, tears rolled down her cheeks. She was still in loveContinue reading “Marriage”

The Timeless World of Reflection

Meera looked into the mirror and corrected her black framed round glasses. She smiled at herself with confidence and hopped away to work. By the evening, she returned all tired. Removing her round glasses she looked into the mirror. Her tired eyes were staring back at her. ” Why doesn’t the world see my beauty”Continue reading “The Timeless World of Reflection”

Acceptence of womanhood

“Women are equal to men!” The world said. “She should be given every oppotunity of a man! She should be allowed to dream!” They screamed with banners and micro phones. What a beautiful world, the spectators judged. When the world demands a change, the world makes one, declared many. But i wonder if this isContinue reading “Acceptence of womanhood”


It was raining outside, Stan looked out his bus window to see the drenched city of France. He distantly watched couples romantically cooping-up in an umbrella as they walked down the streets. Suddenly, the bus screeched to a stop. It seemed an old lady had collapsed on the road. People gushed out the bus toContinue reading “Unforgettable”

Face lift in Thailand

            Aging is a process no one can stop. As years fly by, out facial skin starts to sag, crows feet appear, wrinkle and lines appear, double chin forms and many other such facts happen. The sun we get exposed to only double our problems by. It also cant be ignored that other problems like,Continue reading “Face lift in Thailand”