About ME

Hello, I am Chanjal S Kumar. I am someone who believes in living life at its fullest. Everyone has dreams and ambitions, and my dream is to be remembered when I have passed on. The idea of leaving my imprints back on earth and be remembered for the goods I have done, have always fascinated me. Looking forward to which I have always tried to do the same all my life.

Writing, painting, motivating are a few ways I chose to leave my traces behind. I express myself and my understanding about life through my work. To my surprise, my passion was all I needed to be accepted by people who believes beyond any qualification, passion and a flow from heart is all that is needed to get a quality product of expression.

Yes, Writing and Painting are my chosen form of expressions. I have always been a freelancer and have worked off board. I was an SEO writer for more than 11 years both nationally and internationally. I am also an artist who have participated in many Exhibitions which Includes the famous WORLD ART DUBAI exhibition conducted in 2019. I have also contributed, as an artist to many charitable organisations and NGOs for their campaign.

Staying at home, finding work was tough but as it is said If you truly desire and work hard, the universe aligns it for you. My friends have been my back bone along with my family. They have always supported me through their inspiring words and support, guiding me to opportunities making me capable enough to call myself a writer, artist, Poet and Blogger today.

I have been been awarded “Best Blogger Award” in the year 2017 by TARANG Social Media AWARDS. The acceptance I received for my works were overwhelming and inspiring at the same time.

I inspire from many people including someone as close as my daughter to celebrities. Every Person who walked into my life have taught me lessons that made me strong. Among all of them the 3 people I have been looking up to are

Sir. APJ Abdul Kalam, For showing the world that no matter what you achieve in life you should always remember to be rooted as to grow further.

Princess DIANA , for being an example to women like me that no matter how tough life becomes, Grace is your Key.

Elon Musk, for proving that impossible dreams are possible too if you are crazy enough.

This was just a summary, let my Blog tell you more……..

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