I want you to be happy.

Saagrika was a stay at home parent. She sacrificed her career for her little babies upbringing. She never wanted them to miss anything just because she was working. From their little ” wow moments” to being their super mom, she wanted to fit in to all their wants and needs.

Thankfully, her husband, Shantanu earned enough and so the couple did not face any financial problems. Saagrika managed the house, kids and even earned a little taking tution in their building while Shantanu earned the bread at home.

While the kids were small , Saagrika was their world. They laughed with her, cried with her, was excited with her and she was their hero! She loved all the attention she got from their kids and fell deeper and deeper in love with them every day. But as the kids grew up, this changed. They were more inclined to Shantanu. Saagrika never had a problem with it and was happy.

Shantanu and the kids would often comment on Saagrika being stupid and laugh upon her while she took it as a joke. When it came to making decision, Saagrika would suggest her opinion which would be treated unheard. When she walks into her children’s room, they would accuse her of breaching their privacy and try telling her how annoying she is as a mother. When she would tell Shantanu about this, he would side with the kids and make fun of Saagrika saying she is from a rural village and its understood how she does not understand personal space. When ever she felt bad of these ill treatments, she spoke to Shantanu and he would respond that Sagrika is not able to see a joke as one. When things went wrong it was all Saagrika’s fault. Even if things go bad at office or School, they would comment its because they saw her first thing in the morning. All these things pricked her deep inside, but then she consoled her self saying they are just letting it out on her as a stress reliever

One day saagrika saw her daughter Nilu getting cozy with a boy below their building. A furious Saagrika barged in and dragged her by hand, home. She shouted at the top of her voice and even slapped her tight. Nilu who was raging as well waited for Shantanu to be back home. Once he came she cried, hugged her daddy and told how rude her Amma was to her just because she spoke to her classmate. Shantanu raged at Saagrika. He called her a rural uncultured woman who can never accept the frinedship between a girl and a boy. Saagrika tried to explain but Shantanu would not let her speak a word or discuss the matter any further. Saagrika was feeling so low, she even thought may be he is right, may be she is over thinking.

Days passed and Saagrika saw Nilu getting close to the same guy but never uttered a word. She tried a time or two to mention it to Shantanu but was hushed instead. She had a volcano inside her, worried about Nilu but stayed mum. One day Nilu was acting very silent and not like her real self. Saagrika chose to ignore. But the heart of a mother kept pulling her strings and Saagrika walked into her room asking what the matter was. After a few forceful denials, Nilu started crying bad. She told Sagrika that she was pregnant. It was like her whole life just came crashing down. She rang up Shantanu and asked him to come home fast. Shantanu quickely returned home and Sagrika told him the matter. He slapped Nilu while she cried profousely. Everyone sat at home wondering what to do next, Shantanu broke the silence. He said this happened because Saagrika was an incompetent mother. Saagrika was shocked, she was about to argue when Shantanu started cursing her and saying awful things about her. Saagrika could not hold her tears but said nothing. Nilu also added saying she never felt close to Saagrika and that is why she fell for the words of some boy. Saagrika was shattering to smithereens which none noticed. Charan stayed unbothered staring off into his ipad. Shantanu even cursed the day they decided to marry. He even went upto saying how happy they would be without her. Those words were the last string to have snapped. She kept the silence not saying a word. Her tears were dried now and no other words they barked at her got through to her.

The next day Shantanu was making some calls at home while Nilu and Charan was in their rooms. It was 7 in the morning. Saagrika was no where to be seen. Shantanu had not got his morning tea. An angry Shantanu stopped his calls and barged into their bedroom, to see 2 dangling legs. Shantanu stood their staring at a hanging Saagrikas body. A loud cry from the room brought Nilu and Charam to see their lifeless mother. While they cried their hearts out, a note fluttered on the side table that said. ” I want you to be happy”.

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