The Secret of Nagas and The oath of Vayuputras

VIDEO REVIEW Written RevieW Author: Amish Tripati Genre: Fantasy Fiction, Mythology This review is regarding the continuation of the book “The immortals of Meluha” the first book among the “Shiva triology series by Amish Tripati. The secret of Nagas: This book definitely quenches the curiosity created by the first book. Many unanswered questions are answeredContinue reading “The Secret of Nagas and The oath of Vayuputras”

Book Review: The Immortals of Meluha

VIDEO REVIEW Written RevieW Author: Amish Tripati Genre: Fantasy Fiction, Mythology This book is a complete re creation of an Indian Mythology. Indian mythology plays a huge role in Indian Culture. These stories are believed to be a reality by a very old religion the Hindus. This book is based on one such Great IndianContinue reading “Book Review: The Immortals of Meluha”

Book Review: When Breath Becomes Air

VIDEO REVIEW Written RevieW Author: Dr. Paul Kalanithi Genre: Autobiography, Emotional This is the most emotional book I have read. Unfortunately, this is the only book Dr. Paul has written, apart from all the essays and articles he has published. This book was released 10 moths after Dr. Paul Kalanithi passed away. The book startsContinue reading “Book Review: When Breath Becomes Air”

Book Review: Eleven Minutes

VIDEO REVIEW Written RevieW Author: Paula Coelho Genre: Fiction, Romantic This is one among the most beautiful romantic books I have read. This story blends in beautiful concepts like love in the prudent realities of today’s world and then gives a beautiful happy ending like in fairy tales. The most beautiful part of this bookContinue reading “Book Review: Eleven Minutes”


VIDEO REVIEW Written RevieW Author: Richard Templar Genre: Concept, Self-help We are all born into a society or a culture. As we grow up we are taught a set of rules or guidelines that mold our thoughts and idea of living. Certain of these rules or guidelines can cause strong disturbances to our lives asContinue reading “Book Review: RULES TO BREAK”

Book Review: The Prophet

VIDEO REVIEW Written RevieW Author: Khalil Gibran Genre: Philosophy, Classic ‘Khalil Gibran‘ , a name complete in itself! A legend, a visionary, who can see this world beyond the invisible walls build by the society. We are all born equal but we grow around people from these societies that influence our thoughts building these hugeContinue reading “Book Review: The Prophet”

Book Review: The Shining

VIDEO REVIEW Written Review Author: Stephen King Genre: Horror Who doesn’t know the works of Stephen King! His books are spine shivering. Horror is a genre where visuals play a great role in building that fear in the minds of the perceiver. But Stephen King is that one author who could fill your minds withContinue reading “Book Review: The Shining”

Book Review: Data Analytics by Mohammed Alfan

VIDEO REVIEW Written Review Author: Mohammed Alfan Genre: Technical ( Excel) This is one of the most amazing technical books I have ever read. I am more a fictional reader and reads technical books only when necessary. But this book took me by surprise. I am an SEO technical writer who works at home. So,Continue reading “Book Review: Data Analytics by Mohammed Alfan”