Book Review: The Shining


Written Review

Author: Stephen King

Genre: Horror

Who doesn’t know the works of Stephen King! His books are spine shivering. Horror is a genre where visuals play a great role in building that fear in the minds of the perceiver. But Stephen King is that one author who could fill your minds with fear only with his words. This book ‘The shining’ has been made into a movie, but I must say, the book is more scarier than the movie.

The style of writing in this book can be called loud as this book involves allot of violent scenarios. Stephen Kings has described every intricate details of each scenario because of which we can visualize every single happening in the book with utmost details. I personally felt the book a little disturbing as I, on a usual basis, find it difficult to handle violence beyond a limit. For people who enjoys reading realistic violent scenarios, this is your book!

The plot revolves around 3 characters and the circumstances revolving them. Jack, Wendy and Dany. Jack is one of the main characters, who is unemployed, has a drinking problem and an anger issues. He looses his job and then is offered a job to become a winter care taker of a haunted hotel. Wendy and Danny joins him. Danny is his 5 year old psychic son who can sense and interact with Paranormal entities. This whole story revolves around how paranormal entities control Jack’s weak mind and how Danny and Wendy becomes a part of a series of violent happenings around the hotel.

The book is thick but once you start reading, the element of curiosity will get to you real quick. The curiosity of what happened next will get you going through the book in no time.

If you are into horror and realistic violent scenarios, then this is your book.

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