Book Review: The Prophet


Written RevieW

Author: Khalil Gibran

Genre: Philosophy, Classic

Khalil Gibran‘ , a name complete in itself! A legend, a visionary, who can see this world beyond the invisible walls build by the society.

We are all born equal but we grow around people from these societies that influence our thoughts building these huge invisible walls tat doesn’t in actual exist. These limitations implanted in us becomes the cause of major problems in our lives. People like Khalil Gibran, notes these misconceptions and lead us to light thorough his work.

This book discusses about almost all the topics dealt by man. Love, prayers, Children, Good and Evil, Right- wrong, you name it and its in this book, My favorite concept from this book is about children. Khalil Gibran says, we should not inspire kids to be like us or any body, as kids belong to time and all we need to do is help them differentiate right from wrong. Now think What the society has been rather doing? Compare kids with one another, show them examples of people who have succeeded and inspire them to follow their footsteps, where in actual the society should have inspired them to explore themselves so that they can believe in their own potential.

Many such examples that are a literal eye opener, is a part of this book. I personally carry this as a holy book due to the fact that when ever I face a problem in life, this book helps me think right and make the right decisions.

The style of writing in this book is also very interesting. It definitely is a passage but yet it has a rhythm to it. The metaphors used in this book are very interesting. Love is describes as a river and lovers as people sitting on the shore on either side of the river. We can visualize and see these metaphors and see these concepts as tangible objects which helps us understand the concept better.

Definitely a total recommendation to every single person alive as these books can be a life changer.

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