Book Review: Data Analytics by Mohammed Alfan


Written Review

Author: Mohammed Alfan

Genre: Technical ( Excel)

This is one of the most amazing technical books I have ever read. I am more a fictional reader and reads technical books only when necessary. But this book took me by surprise.

I am an SEO technical writer who works at home. So, while exploring other work at home opportunities, I cam to know about the scope of work at home using MS excel. I am not very good in this application and so decided to learn it through YouTube. That is how I was introduced to this amazing Malayalam channel “Skills to Succeed by Alfan“. They explain concepts very simple for people like me to understand. Through this channel I came to know that this YouTuber has written an excel related book in English which was available on amazon and Flipkart. I got myself a copy and was surprised.

I have read n number of technical books along my years of education and career but never have I seen a technical book with a comic style of approach. I love comics and having comics in a technical book is a definite yes! They created a scenario and represented it comic style, then explained the whole concept through that scenario. Very interestingly represented.

The book deals with Pivot table, an inseparable and prominent part of Excel. The book is explained in very simple vocabulary and to the point without unnecessary long explanation. It was easy for me to simultaneously learn it practically learn it on my computer as I read.

The book is only Rs.150 and the quality of the book is very good. The book has just 80 pages and the time I spend to read it was all worth it.

So This is a totally recommended book for anyone who is looking for working at home or anyone who wants to learn Excel. The book is available on amazon and FlipKart.

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