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Author: Richard Templar

Genre: Concept, Self-help

We are all born into a society or a culture. As we grow up we are taught a set of rules or guidelines that mold our thoughts and idea of living. Certain of these rules or guidelines can cause strong disturbances to our lives as they may not suit the situations or time we live in as most of these thoughts come down an array of generations. While we correct all such rules that consciously bothers us, there are these invisible rules that we imprint in us without out conscious knowledge.

‘Rules to break’ is a book that lists out these invisible rules that effect our lives without our knowledge. The myths or concepts listed out in these books was definitely an eye opened to me as I believed in a handful of myths mentioned in this book. The author has explained each such beliefs with scenarios that are relatable and thereby was easy to personalize it with my life helping me realize where my wrongs were made.

A few examples of the rules explained in this book is we believe are parents are responsible for how we turn out to be. This myth is broken by the author saying that parents cant be held responsible for what we turn out to be because after a certain age, we are responsible for ourselves and if we dont like the way we are , we should change ourselves and not blame parents instead. Another myth he explained is that we should be concerned about where we are going and not from where we came from. Well, the book explains that we should accept our past as past teaches us a lot of lessons and therefore both past and future carries the same weightage.

This book has 100 chapters, where each chapter has a myth, an explanation and a rule breaker. Every chapter takes just 2 pages and so the book is just around 200 pages. A very simple, to the point book with no drags what so ever.

The book is available in all book stores, online and offline and can cost you around 250 to 300 Indian rupees.

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