Book Review: Eleven Minutes


Written RevieW

Author: Paula Coelho

Genre: Fiction, Romantic

This is one among the most beautiful romantic books I have read. This story blends in beautiful concepts like love in the prudent realities of today’s world and then gives a beautiful happy ending like in fairy tales. The most beautiful part of this book is how Paula Coelho, refers to different shades of sensuality from a mere magical feeling of teenage love to the dullness of sensuality when misused.

This story is about a young lady, Maria from a small town of Brazil. She falls inn love at a very young age only to be heart broken. She then works in a company accumulating all her money for a grand vacation to Paris. In Paris she meets a rich Businessman who promises to make Maria an Actress. She takes up the offer only to end up in Prostitution. Instead of fighting it and going back to Poverty she decided to take it up for a settling life with her parents later. She slowly realizes the necessity to know about a lot of things to have a steady life. She starts reading and that is when she meets a confused man who later on changes her life. The rest of the story is the real beauty to the book which I wouldn’t reveal as it would end up being a spoiler.

This is definitely not a book for kids as this book has explicit details on sexuality. Also that the manner in which Maria decided her life in this book can be quite influential and deceiving to young minds.

This book is available in all major stores online and offline alike. It has around 250 pages and is quite addictive.

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