Book Review: When Breath Becomes Air


Written RevieW

Author: Dr. Paul Kalanithi

Genre: Autobiography, Emotional

This is the most emotional book I have read. Unfortunately, this is the only book Dr. Paul has written, apart from all the essays and articles he has published. This book was released 10 moths after Dr. Paul Kalanithi passed away.

The book starts from when Paul was 10 years old when his father relocated the entire family to Arizona. He never wanted to be a doctor watching his father literally absent in his family because of his profession as a doctor. His reading habits got him curious on nuero science and then this curiosity led him to his degree in English and Human biology. Realising he has much more to learn he, enrolled himself to Medical school Yale he met his wife, Lucy Kalanithi there. into 6th year of residency in Nuero surgery, he was diagnosed with 4th stage Lung cancer. the book describes how difficult it was for him to accept that he was now a patient and not a doctor. his family helped him transform and i felt this was the most emotional part of the book. He did have small beautiful moments like his daughter being born and such but his struggle with this disease took over the major part of the book. In the year 2015, he finally gave in to his disease and passed away.

Even though an autobiography, this book is so beautifully written that while reading through the pages, I empathised with Dr. Paul Kalanithi quite deeply. This factor helped me realise how important and short life can be and how we should learn to see the best of it. This book was New York’s Best seller and one among the most strong books I have read.

This book is available in all major stores online and offline alike. I read this book in one sitting because I was glued onto the book and wanted to get the whole experience of the book in one go. One among my most favourite books.

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