Book Review: The Immortals of Meluha


Written RevieW

Author: Amish Tripati

Genre: Fantasy Fiction, Mythology

This book is a complete re creation of an Indian Mythology. Indian mythology plays a huge role in Indian Culture. These stories are believed to be a reality by a very old religion the Hindus. This book is based on one such Great Indian Mythology, “The Shiva triology”.

The reason these stories are accepted as mythologies are because these stories have Instances that are inhuman in nature. But thought about it now I personally believe that the reason to it is because the writers then exaggerated the acts of their ruling class so as to make believe their followers that they were super humans and so were capable of saving them even in unrealistic conditions.

This book is a thought promoter to this idea.Indian writer Amish Tripati wrote this book converting every unrealistic instances as acceptable reality and thereby this book is his attempt to rewrite this Mythology into a believable manner. This book revolves around Shiva, a character believes to be one among the biggest deities of the Hindu culture and is believed to be the Lord of Death. Amish Tripati describes every instance very beautifully that one falls in love with he characters of this book.

This book is the first among the 3 books constituting this series. This book unfolds many mysteries which is later on solved in the other series of books. The writing style is simple to understand and easy to read. It also has a glossary where in all the indian words like ‘agni”apsara’ ‘bringa’ etc are all explained well. It also has a chapter of teaser that shows glimpses of what is to happen in the next book in the series.

A total recommendation and a complete must buy book especially if you enjoy fantasy fiction books. The book is available in every top book stores and online store as well.I got the book for 300 INR from amazon.

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