The Timeless World of Reflection

Meera looked into the mirror and corrected her black framed round glasses. She smiled at herself with confidence and hopped away to work. By the evening, she returned all tired. Removing her round glasses she looked into the mirror. Her tired eyes were staring back at her. ” Why doesn’t the world see my beauty” she murmered dissapointedly. Sitting down with her back leaning on the full sized mirror she just looked at, she held her knees tight towards herself and wimpered ” I am not beautiful. No one loves me” and cried her hearts out. Her confidence was empty and she felt no one noticed her existence.

The next day Meera looked at the mirror smiling as she corrected her black framed round glasses. Her forced confident made her feel beautiful. She believed someone would notice her today. The day was never different and Meera was heart broken as always. She looked at the mirror with swollen eyes which whelmed up with tears soon. Since schools days Meera wanted to be attractive but no matter what she tried, no one acknowledged her existences. Recalling how unattractive she felt since her days in memory, she felt why did God create her? Irrespective of any of her efforts she never felt beautiful in reality.

As she slumped down crying her hearts out touching the mirror and contemplating her appearance, she felt a thump on her hand. She withdrew her hands immediately wondering if she imagined it. Suddenly the mirror beamed a white light and a hand came out of it offering Meera to hold it. She was taken aback but irrespective of her usual self, she took the human hand without thinking and was sucked inside the mirror.

She fell into a red dark world with a man standing in front of her smiling at her with gleam in his eyes. She blankly looked at him and he said ,”Welcome to the world of reflection”. She looked around to see windows of light at every nook and corner of the place. He spoke ” Every reflection of the world connects to this world of mine from mirrors to water, from metals to glasses, every reflection connects to this world.” Meera was shocked and looked around to see random people doing their make up, crying, bathing, dancing and going about their lives. She even saw a bird bathing and the ripples in the reflection it made. The boy suddenly spoke, ” Of all the people i have seen, you have been on my mind ever since i set my eyes on you. Your tears made me sad and you smile made happy too”. Meera was too shocked to realize that no one in this world had privacy and they were un aware of it.

She wanted to run away but how, where? As the man spoke and approached her conveying how mezmerized he was about her, she was looking for a way to escape. Her gaze around the space gave him the idea of what she was thinking. With a confident giggle he spoke,” There is no space out”. She looked at him stunned. He continued,” You wished to find that one person who was truely attracted to you and here i am who was granted the power to draw you into my world.” She was beyond words. She ran aimlesslessly in the world of reflection while the man waited for her to accept her faith. She bhanged at every reflection she could find with the people reflected, never realizing her cries for help. She cried in the timless world of reflection while the real world moved on as if nothing happened.

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A writer, blogger, Painting Artist who loves to express.

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