A thought that wandered

Murphy’s Law. I wonder how did Murphy nail down all those obvious patterns we see ourselves passing through every single day. These set of laws give you a clear picture on how things will obviously go wrong incase an effort is not made. So if we visually eloborate this, if nature is viewed as a balance of good and bads, the bad is already weighed upon before we even make any effort. This is the reason why we need to take more effort to set things positively or good because things are automatically weighed to do bad?!

In short, life needs a lot more effort than it is acctually needed because nature by its own terms, is biased. Now thinking about it, i realize that when we are told ” we need to maintain a balance in life”, it is because our lives are unbalanced by default. But why i wonder.

I have always had a feeling that what is this version of earth is hell? Where injustice is more powerful than justice and the righteous has to be made an effort while wrongs are obvious to happen. Doesn’t Murphy’s law acctually implies the same?

I was wondering that may be earth is divided into different dimentions like different layers on the same base. I recall an experience by Dr. EBEN ALEXANDER, in his book ” PROOF OF HEAVEN” that while he was in a coma he saw himself flying much above the ground with creatured he had never met before and he had a feeling that land below was not as devine as the plain he was in. If what he experienced is a reality, then, right now even when i am writing this possibility here, a number of invisible creatures are flying above us and is from a much better relm than we are in. But then again, is not that discrimination?

When we don’t understand why we are in the realm we are while there are innumeorus realms here , is it notinjustice? May be us being unware of the existence of the other realm’s is nature’s way of justice.

I remember when my mom used to tell me about how she remembered her grandmom wanting not to be born in this world again. I am someone who believed that every old tradition has a logical explanation that defy the explanation acctually given. While history and past are hints of the hidden possibilities and reality, wrong explanations suiting the time of the custum creation might misguide us from doing something that might acctually be helpful. So what if her grandmom wanting or chanting mantras that would avoid her from being born again here is nature’s way of giving us a choice to choose the realms we are born into???

My thoughts aren’t going to stop here, but going to wabder around relating to memeories i have and comming up with possibilities that prevail. Many find this process boring while i thrill on this as you can explore and find so many answers to un answered questions regardless of any being wrong or right.

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8 thoughts on “A thought that wandered

      1. I just love exploring the possibilities and knowing about everything. Hehehe… i believe we humans have this one life and a whole world to explore.. so why just confine to what is already found!

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      2. I truely truely love it!!! The mysterious part of only 2% of the entire ocean is the explored by us humans excites me of the possibilities beyond it!

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      3. Thats where the twist is i dont know swimming.. lol.. i watch allot of undersea diving videos and read about the experience of the divers. Makes me want to try it myself.

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