Acceptence of womanhood

“Women are equal to men!” The world said. “She should be given every oppotunity of a man! She should be allowed to dream!” They screamed with banners and micro phones. What a beautiful world, the spectators judged. When the world demands a change, the world makes one, declared many.

But i wonder if this is acctually the case? Even when the world realizes the right to life of women, why do parents get worried about their young unmarried daughters? Why do they offer money and bribe to marry off their close to flawless daughters? Even when husbands talk with respect to their female collegues, why do they look down upon the wives at home? When they return from their 9 hour job why do they forget to acknowledge their wives 24 hours job? Even when the mothers have literally been there with the kids along their years of growth why do they regard their fathers more important than mothers? Why does the world hush a woman when she screams about the injustice she had to undergo through? Why?

Innumerous crimes, innumerous torments but yet the world intend to imply their realization everywhere around the world, except for their homes. Even when women are dying and crying, why doesnt the world imply their realizations first at their homes?

They say for spiritual healing, you need to accept your self as a women and feel happy about it. But how i ask you?! When the hardships you go through is only because you are born as a women and the silenced dreams are only because you are a woman, how can any of us accept ourselves as woman happily? Every growing girl has to fear for the in appropriate gazes of the society and they tell us to walk with ease? Every girl is asked to study to their hearts content which they decide is till when the husbands please? They tell us that we can dream all we want when they condition us to limit it within our family? If we fight our ways out and choose to put their words into actions, the world scare us with NIRBHAYAS and VISMAYAS.

How do we accept ourselves as women happily when you have been rejecting us in public in the past and private in the present? Before anyone realizes, can the parents stop selling their daughters to unworthy grooms? Can husbands appreciate their wives’ work done than complaining on missed ones? Can the kids see their mom’s mental and physical efforts as equal as their fathers? When the acceptance happens at home is when the women feels safe living among the society and feel at eas to be a woman.

We dont want your words, we want actions that start at your own home.

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A writer, blogger, Painting Artist who loves to express.

2 thoughts on “Acceptence of womanhood

    1. I couldnt agree more… men and women are like jigsaw puzzles. They complete each other and is equally important in their own expertise.

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