It was raining outside, Stan looked out his bus window to see the drenched city of France. He distantly watched couples romantically cooping-up in an umbrella as they walked down the streets. Suddenly, the bus screeched to a stop. It seemed an old lady had collapsed on the road. People gushed out the bus to help the old lady, while Stan coldly got off the bus, to walk towards his destination.

Under his black lone umbrella, he walked a mile to Paris town square where the beautiful Eiffel tower shimmered in the back ground. Next to the garden adjacent it, stood a tall lean elegant lady in red. Her frilled red umbrella covered her swollen red eyes from the gawking eyes of the passing people. Stan stood in front, extending his hand towards her. On his palm was a ring she gave him at their wedding. “Its over” he said coldly. “I am sorry Stan! Can’t you forgive me this once?” replied her.  Keeping the ring on the ground, Stan started to walk away from her.

Watching his back, she yelled,” Please take me back this once and you will never remember this mistake of mine!” Her voice shivered as she said that. Stan who was coldly walking away, sarcastically smirked at her comment. The lady wept kneeling on the ground regretting her actions, while Stan’s expression turned darker than ever as he walked further away from his ex-wife.

On his way back home, he let his thoughts take over him. His first memory was a colourful toy that swayed from his crib. He remembered his mother and father look into the crib while his own giggles still reflected in his ears. From the day on he remembered every single detail of everyday in his life. From the love and care he got to the pain and distress he felt; everything was stored in his brain like a record.

Even after 15 years of his mother’s death, he was not able to forget a single pain her loss caused him. To this day, he had not been able to forgive his best friend for stealing away his girlfriend 10 years ago.  From the first chocolate he was given to the last lecture his boss gave him, he could not forget anything, even if he chose to. Then how was she going to make his forget her cheating with his colleague, he wondered.

Tears rolled down his cold eyes. He loved her but she betrayed him. Her betrayal was stronger than his love for her. When the world learnt through words, Stan experienced that pain is much stronger than glee for all his untouched painful memories over shadowed the intact beautiful memories he had.

While the Eiffel tower shimmered in the dusk, Stan became colder with the new addition to his stack of painful unforgettable memories.

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A writer, blogger, Painting Artist who loves to express.

One thought on “Unforgettable

  1. Well written. We all have moments like stan in our life. Some memories that we still remember like yesterday.


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