When it is said ” The world is a stage and we are all actors” i truely wonder how long a show is it ?

Everyone is unique. So is their charecter in this world. But attention is that addictive limelight that can spoil your uniqueness. In life, everyone gets a chance to be in lime light. Some realize it and some doesnt. But more than the losses one endures not realizing it, is very less to loss someone can create realizing it. To be in everyone’s attention is such an amazing feeling. The exact feeling of being a celebrity. People look at you, wants to talk to you, shower you with compliments and do so many good things. But when your time of the lime light is dont with is when the evil unveils.

The craving for this lime light, creates a bubble in your imagination. You start to believe in stories you created in your head. You start to believe everytging is about you. The world will break down if your sad, You believe you are right, you are the world’s sunshine! But reality would be far from that. The moment reality starts to kick in is when the lime light seeker cant accept the fact that their chance is done with and someone else is the star now. This is when they start throwing their cards trying to turn the tables. They snap at the other or hurt the other and when the other reacts, play the victim. The sympathy card. The other card they tend to do is not letting the other realize of the lime light. Over shadow card. They also tend to break the confidence of the other trying to make them think they dont deserve the lime light . The manipulator card.

I truely wonder how many more cards!

When someone said “This world is a paradise” I truely wonder how so when there are a lot of people who get tangled in the ribbons of temptation not even realizing what their actions can cause and even worse, sometimes realizing it yet choosing to ignore for the addiction they have.

Peace of mind is such a rare thing in this ” so called paradise” even when you realize these addictive ribbons and avoid them to have a calm life but alas! The reflections blinden my eyes!

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A writer, blogger, Painting Artist who loves to express.

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