Minka was born to a couple who very badly wanted a baby. Their relatives who were around their age, were either pregnant or had their first baby. Tensed about what people would think about their fertility, they finally had a baby girl. They loved her dearly, so dearly, that they decided her life as if it was their’s.

From her hair style to dresses, her ambition to furure, all were their choices. Unfortunately, Minka never liked a single thing her parents chose for her, also she realized she was denied the right to protest. So she invested all her hopes in dreaming about a time she gets her life back. When ever she slightly disagreed or resisted their decisions, she was showered with her flaws creating a feeling of being never good enough.

Years passed and Minka was a woman now, whose dreams were smithered into dust. She was a woman with no dreams and a zillion scars. Yet the strong soul survived her ditches and was living every moment as it is.

The tables were turned now, her parents were old and was physically not well. Minka always cared for them as she believed though their actions shattered her, their intentions were always good. She never made them feel dependant, she always made sure to give them what they wanted much more than she can offer. The only bad thing that Minka had and did not have a control on, was the reaction about the pain they gave her. Though she never initiated any conversation about it, when ever it happened she bursted like a volcano.

Her parents were always in a denial. They were stubborn on the fact that she was crazy and mentally unstable for not able to understand their actions. They did not want her partner or children to think they were bad parents rather they wanted her to brag about them being the best. They constantly told her patner and baby that she was mentally unstable and at some point her patner started to believe in it. She felt her sorry was ignored and she was hurt. But she never stopped caring for them as she knew it was her responsibility being the only child.

Minka was an ordinary child with toxic parents. Now she is a numb women who battles toxity with silence. So dont be a toxity to someone. Realize the fact that if your actions hurt someone, no matter what your intention was or who you are, you are wrong. If you dont admit it and argue it with your intentions, you are being toxic.

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A writer, blogger, Painting Artist who loves to express.

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