When is the right time to get married?

I have read this question in so many places having different tones to it. Sometimes this question would be a sarcasm on how marriage has become an obvious choice to make and sometimes as people worried about them being single for ever. When you are single and an adult, even people around you want you married. But then again if marriage was such a huge thing to happen and people all vouch for it why are the divorce rates high i truely wondered and triggered my thoughts to think over it.

Marriage is about sharing you life with each other. It is not a deal where there is a give and take but a promise to stay together. I have heard people saying, i earn to get her comforts and she manages the house and gives me my needs in return. That is a transaction, not a marriage. Like in love, marriage doesnt have any conditions too, its as simple as that.

So, now when can we get married? If you answered ” when you meet the right one” then can i ask you how is he/she your right one? I have heard people saying ,”the right one is someone who accepts you for you and understands you and such”. Why beating around the bush? The right one is some one who can accept your flaws and whose flaws you can accept. It is as simple as that. And why is it so? Becaise marriage never about ‘i’or ‘you’ but it is and will always be about ‘us’. This is a reason why a baby is never ‘yours’ or ‘mine’ but ‘ours’.

If you love someone so deeply but cant accept their flaws, this means you can never have a happy marriage with them. Do now realize why most marriage are stressful? Because most marriage doesnt happen for the reason they can accept each others flaws but about how they look, their social status, their bank balance or what they can provide. So most failed marriages are failed transactions not marriages at all. Arranged marriage, love marriage or what ever marriage it is , it is never about what impresses you but its about how much you can accept each other’s flaws.

So, comming to the main point. The right time to get married is when you find someone who can accept your flaws and you can equally accept theirs. When you find someone like that and get married. Another realization you need to have is that, now ts never about you feeling bad, or your problems or your success. It is always about ‘us’. When ever a question rises about a choice between ‘you’ and ‘us’. If you choose ‘ you’ your marriage become instable or cease to exist and if you choose ‘ us’ your marriage stays. Thats it.

Hope everyone understand these simple formulas to happy marriage and marriages turn out to be a happy one than a stressful one.

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