A demon angel

Among all the man made things in this world, money is that one bliss wrapped evil everyone falls for.

When the earth just began to existence, the only thing that mattered was survival. Save your self from being eaten and hunt to eat. The whole days passed on this struggle to either save yourself or hunt to eat. Then evolution began. From mere survival, comfort started to be a matter of cocnern. Caves and small settlements became a thing. Further more in time , it was civilisation, industrialisation and today we have dreams, aspirations ,hobbies and survival is an obvious factor.

Though this journey is quite facinating and proud worthy, even this journey had a cost to pay. In a time where we had nothing to gain, we helped each other when we could and was joyous just because we had food. But now? We laugh at the ones in need and if atall we help we make sure to have a gain from it , letting the others know and being happy? Well , no one knows how to be happy. As a cherry on the cake, it isnt food, water, shelter or clothing that is important but “money”. A piece of paper or metal that can buy you any materialistic thing in this world but at the same time can rob you of your senses, love, relationships and anything that truely matters.

Friends become enemies, trust becomes fraud, relationships becomes manipulators , mishaps become opportunities, pain becomes entertainment and love becomes hate. The funny part is that even when we realize these transformations and refrain from it, being the ” good side of the world”, we do be a part of that transformation because others generalize us with the ones who adapt to these transformations.

Not all people can hold a place in our hearts but when someone does make a place in ours hearts we tend to care for them. But then when these special people generalize us for the other evil in the world, it stings somewhere inside as we always made sure never to be so. But alas! How much do we prove and to whome all do we prove our intergrity. May be this is why someone ones said ‘Dont be attatched, dont expect, being free is the only way to constant happiness’

Money money money a demon in an angel attire! But staying away is impossible and letting it in , is trouble. We are truely trapped, arent we?

Published by chanjalsworld

A writer, blogger, Painting Artist who loves to express.

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