Why should you gift?

Why do we gift someone or why does people gift us? Though it is about expressing materialistically, your love or your fondness for the person, it is one way to happiness. The effort put by the other to get you the gift shows how much you mean to them. The trend of surprise gifts or surprise celebrations have been on a rise, this is not just because it makes the you happy but also because it highlights how much of an effort the other puts in to make you happy.

I remember seeing a video where a small kid was given an apple and a banana as a gift and how excited he was to recieve that gift. His reaction was absolute an eye openers in acctual. His reactions were receprocating the efforts his parents took to present him the gifts , wrapped up and gifting him in excitement. But do we see this? When we grow up its all about what is being gifted that matters, nothing else.

People put in efforts trying to study about what we want and try getting the best they can, planning for long, so that we become all happy and excited getting it. But in return, what do they get? Probably a grumpy reaction, may be because we didnt like the gift, or it was not what we wanted or what ever be the reason. But does anyone realize how hurtful it would be to that someone who made the effort? I recently saw another video where someone was throwing a tauntram because her parents gifted her a lamborgini car on turning 18 but the colour wasnt what she wanted. I truely wonder if she should be graded down as a kid from being an adult for such immature reaction. It would have caused a fortune to the parents to “gift” her with such expensive materialistic gift yet she doesnt care about it as long as it is what she exactly wants.

May be its just me, but i gift people to see their excited reaction alone. That emotion is what i feel most satisfied with and i try giving the same for every gift i get, no matter what it is. Sometimes, it is just these small things that can acctually make someone happy. Also, one thing i have observed, adults are the worse people to gift as they are either shy, or egoistic or simply proud not be express a happy emotion when gifted. I love gifting kids, be it even chocolates, their reactions are priceless. The smaller the kid the better they express.

So next time try gifting a kid with a small gift but make sure to present it in the most exciting manner and their reactions would be the best thing you will enjoy!

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