Never Again

Zar was a soul just like you and me. But unlike us, Zar would never age or die. He was born to human parents but as he turned 30 his good deeds and pure soul made the Almigty realize the need of such human angels on earth. As a boon he was granted the blessing of youth.

Zar was 30, he was the same for the past 50 years and fortunately or otherwise he will continue to be 30 forever. Zar was sitting in his couch resting his head on it and watching the ceiling, as his thoughts drifted away. Tears rolled down his cheeks unintentionally. The wetness of which, brought Zar back to reality. Getting up from the couch, he took his suitcase, moving towards the main door. Before he closed the door behind him, he turned around to look at the house for the last time. A numb pain lingering in his heart, he coldly closed the door and walked away.

The flight took off and as it soared high up in the layers of the atmosphere, Zar drifted off to sleep. Her giggles were like the droplets of the first rain, she was bright as the sun. Her warm energy was the complete opposite to the cold Zar himself, but something about her always glued his attention on her. Zar was determined to never get attatched to anyone, even when he helped around, as that would be the point of his boon turning into a curse. He preferred doing his share of good deeds and walking off into the horizon like the good guys in a comic book. Never to turn back but always walking towards the sun. Though lonliness was starting to haunt him, he distracted himself in the warm energies of the street flora and fauna.

One day, as he walked down the street watching the blooming petunias on the sides, he saw a brunette, young woman feeding the street cats. As he passed by not giving much of an attention to them, his hand was grabbed and turned around. Astonished, he saw two big blue eyes stare right into his , through simple round glasses. He blinked blankly at them while an energetic female voice spoke ” Would you help me feed the cats mister?”

Before he even realized the voice and the eyes belonged to the same woman, he found himself holding a can of cat food while being dragged by the same brunette he saw feeding the cats. ” You can feed them here” said she and walked off to the spot she was doing the same. As he crouched down to feed the cats that had by them surrounded him, he looked up to the brunette who was at a distance. The street lights behind her gave an angelic glow to her that reflected in Zar’s eyes.

They never spoke a word, other than the bubbly smiles she shined at him and the exchange of cat food they fed the street cats. But Zar looked forward to the evenings when he fed the cats with her, without knowing each other atall. ‘He wasn’t attatched to her at all as they never spoke’, he thought as he promptly fed the cats every evening. Until one day, she was no where to be seen. He wasn’t much bothered by her absence but a sense of uneasiness crept through his chest. He didn’t want to know but yet it didnt hurt to know why she wasnt there. As he stood at the spot where he fed the cats everyday, looking at the cats gawking at him in anticipation, someone tapped his shoulder from behind.

” You shouldnt be waiting for her son” said the old lady who spoke to him. He simply looked at her questioningly when she said ” Last night, she met with an accident chasing a crook who stole someone’s wallet. I truely wonder how can such a happy soul come to an end so early?” saying so, she walked off to a distance murmuring dissapointingly. Zar stood there emotionlessly like always, but for the first time he was feeling truely empty inside, even though it has been quite sometime he thought he felt any emotion. He felt like he lost his chance to get to know her or see her ever again. He tried to shake it off as he waked his way back home but unfortunately anyone he saw on his way back home seemed like her. He started to feel her presence everywhere he looked. At that point he realized how much he was attatched to her not realizing it for a second. He recalled the smile that spawned on his face every morning looking forward to his cat feeding in the evening. He recalled how he never allowed any schedule interupt his wordless moment with her. Thinking about it, tears ran down his cheeks till his eyes were swollen.

” You flight will land in Prince Town in around 15 minutes. The climate here is sunny and warm. We hope you enjoyed your flight. Looking forward to serve you more. Thankyou for choosing Air Breez.” Zar opened his eyes, back to the present. A cute baby girl sitting on her mother’s lap next to Zar’s seating, looked at Zar and broke into the most amazing smile at him. Not thinking for a second, Zar turned away to the far away horizon through the flight window, promising himself never to getting attatched to anything or anyone as long as he is alive.

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