Did you realize a universe in you?

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I was reading this amazing book “Proof to heaven” by Dr. Eben Alexander and reading through chapter 14, I had a gush of thoughts rush through me which I felt I had to pen down.

Today’s world, believes in logic, science, to be technical about the term. No; more than what people believe, it is more trending to believe only what science points out than to have an opinion on one self. In the book, it took a near death situation for Dr. Eben to believe in the existence of a world, science denies to exist. Being a neurosurgeon, he deals with hallucinations, delusions and have a logical explanation to all your “Imaginations”, as a game your brain plays with you. I am sure if this book was read by the doctors who treated him, they would finally sum it up as a game his brain had played with him during his condition of coma. Even when medically it wasn’t possible for him to have those experiences of another world, I am sure medical science would term it as a “yet to be explored” part of the brain.

I do relate to a few incidents I read in the book though, thankfully, I didn’t have to go through the extreme sufferings Dr. Eben had to undergo for having that experience and knowing its existence. During the times I was walking through the ditches of my life, there were points where I lost myself as a person, wandering into the wild, not having a destination. Even through my aimless wandering, I was never let to wander off to the cliffs that adjoined my paths. Surprisingly, there were hands, I never expected, to wake me up back to my path. Sometimes, when no souls could uplift my drowning soul, these Devine orbs, as said in the book, did show the kindness to materialize for me in my dimension so that I can believe the voices they talk to me inside my head. They always gave my a light of hope, trying to show me the simplicity of life I never then saw.

People do have a misconception that spirituality is all about meditation, chanting and such. But what if I say, spirituality is the next level to science? Science explores what can be seen but spirituality explores what’s within you and only you can see know and understand it. What if I say that you have a universe, much bigger than the external universe you know, right inside you? When we sum this entire universe in one word called “consciousness” do you have any idea how vast, unexplored and mysterious is this universe that exists in you? A space that connects you directly to the “core”, as the book says. A space, that truly shows the meaning of every emotion you feel in the purest form. A space, that truly show you how much you are loved, cherished, and never alone. Look at the irony, when you have an entire universe inside you, you believe you are born alone.

When our granny’s told us we all have an angel within us, we laughed at them as a fantasy story. But then explain intuitions? How could you have a hunch about something that hasn’t happened ? Even when the world hates you for what ever reason you believe, there is an angel deep within you , even when you don’t realize his/her existence.

We, being civilized beings, have customized every simple concept created for our existence, to our convenience and made them a myth as we civilized further. What is a God? If I may ask you this, some of you may take names, a few may reject their existence. But in my journey of self exploration, what I discovered as my God is an energy within myself. Something you would call an embodiment of everything you want the world to be, something that is extremely powerful yet is the kindest and most importantly revolving around you.

My journey within myself taught me allot of things. Emotions for example. We attach it with allot of conditions like happiness is a journey of hard work and sacrifice, love is complete when you find your soulmate, agony is the result of wrong choices and much much more. But emotions are nothing like this, they are free, a momentary way of expression. Watch a sunset, the smile that you feel inside, holding your gaze at that scenery, is happiness. When that smile is for a person, its love and when tears roll down your cheeks when you feel the pain is agony, that’s it!

Life is a beautiful thing to live if you realize the illusion from reality. You just have one life, realize its simplicity before melting into the complexity of the world.

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