How is “sorry” powerful? Have you ever wondered? A combination of a few alphabets that hold allot of meaning differing from persons to persons. To someone who is filled with ego and pride, this word can break or build their pride. To someone who is kind at heart, this word is a way they make sure no one is is hurt because of them. To immatures, its a word they can get away with, but for sufferers, this word can be a heal.

There were times when I wondered how can ‘sorry’ heal someone when it cannot change the pain. At the same time, I did also wonder, why is it so difficult for the narcists to just say a word. When I say, words have powers than any tangible things in this world, ‘Sorry’ would stand as the best example to prove this.

Words stay mere alphabet combinations when the genuine feelings don’t accompany them. But when it does, the effect is magical. When you are suffering for a doing of someone else, a genuine ‘sorry’ can change the glow in your life. Of course, it can’t change the past or can’t even by the smallest bit, reduce the pain, but the acknowledgment of what they suffered releases them from allot of pain. It is not about the word, but the geniuses that accompany them that matters. It feels like their tears had a value, THEY, had a value. When someone refuses to apologies or someone apologies without genuineness in their words, it robs the sufferer off any value. It means, if given a chance to rectify the pain, the other wouldn’t mind causing the same again, as to them, the sufferer holds no value.

I have seen parents asking their kids to apologies for their actions and the child would just say the word with no meaning to it. Doing so, the parents are teaching their kids that it isn’t necessary to mean the word they say. Instead teach them to see their mistakes and admit it proudly, for that frees them from causing pain to the people around.

To those who finds it difficult to utter the word ‘sorry’ with a meaning, do you realize that your pride is an illusion that can cause allot of pain to others? Which means, born a Devine soul, you choose to become a devilish soul for something that doesn’t exist. No matter what your thought or intention was, if your actions have pained someone, then you should be obliged to apologies. Acknowledge the fact that no matter what you intended your actions would result in, it has hurt someone who also has a value just as you. By not apologizing, you are not only denying the other’s value but also trapping them in a viscous circle of pain and regret.

Think about your actions and learn to acknowledge it, if it has caused pain to the other. When the other suffers they don’t care about what your intention was, but all they need is a healing for the pain they suffer. Explaining yourself is only you asking them to understand your actions, when it is the time for you to understand their pain. Of course, explain them your intentions when they ask you or when they start to heal.

Do you know how to understand if a ‘Sorry’ is with the genuine feelings? Look into the apologizer’s eyes and they will tell you if they meant it or not.

This world, isn’t a very pleasant place to live in, but you and I can try making it better, being the better.

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A writer, blogger, Painting Artist who loves to express.

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