A little drop of water

I wonder where do I truly belong to. The ocean pushes me to the surface, to meet the waves but the waves yearns for the shore. The heat lightens me and lifts me up to the sun but the sun always looks down to the land. And when I drift away in pain, I am pushed back down to the earth only to go join back the ocean who again pushes me to the surface to meet the waves.

Neither does the ocean, sun or the wind understands my feeling of being ignored constantly. They all talk about how I belong to the other but never understand how they never yearn for me but the other who doesn’t care they exist. I don’t have the choice to break this loop but to go on and on again with a hope that never exists, to be looked upon once.

I wonder what if I could go deeper into the ocean, for who knows if I may become a pearl in an oyster. But the ocean push me up to the surface, where I don’t belong. And I wonder what if I could rise beyond the air to that empty space above. Who knows, I could be a part of a great cause like the creation of another universe! But the air stops me for they think I am meant for the sun who never takes his eyes off the earth. And when I fall back on earth I wonder what if I am let to seep inside the earth through the cracks in the ground? Who knows I may mix in with the mantle forming the powerful firewater, the lava! But alas! the rivers think otherwise and flows me back to the ocean, who thinks I belong to the waves.

I wonder when would time come to an end for my hope for the impossible cease itself. I have frozen into ice and melted back to water. I have evaporated as steam and and floated like the clouds but none saw me to exist for my existence is obvious and beyond anyone’s want. I wonder my purpose for I am just a drop of water living in the ocean, scuttling around to know where I truly belong.


Published by chanjalsworld

A writer, blogger, Painting Artist who loves to express.

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