Once upon a time there lived a rose alone in the gardens. She loved her garden but felt the pain of loneliness every time she woke. Whenever friendly flowers grew close to her, the gardeners would replant them away as to keep her unique. Unique was she but lonely. One day she chose to look at the sky and happened to see a smiling sun. For the first time she realized that she could possibly make friends beyond her kind. She bloomed back at the sun and her glorious shades of red caught the sun’s eye who chose to be her friend. Every Morning, the sun would wake her up with his delicate morning rays and she would bloom most beautifully with all her charm. Days passed and best friends they became, friends that complimented each other the most. But the skies had another choice to make. They envied their friendship and decided to have the sun on their own. Clouds formed and covered the sun as the sun tried beaming every possible rays to his best friend, but in vain. Not seeing her friend for long, the rose stopped blooming. She searched for him at every nook and corner of the sky. Days passed and the winds and clouds were harsh on her. Slowly she started to wither in distress and pain. Soon enough she was no more. Seeing their friendship come to an end, the clouds chose to move away from the sun. As the sun shone harder for days as he searched for her everywhere he realized she was gone. Until one day he saw a new rose bud spawn in her place. A beginning of a new friendship and thus continued the change of seasons.


Published by chanjalsworld

A writer, blogger, Painting Artist who loves to express.

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