I was a droplet of water living in the sea,
Frolicking through the waves passing me,
Blushing at the cold breeze that scuttle away,
Giggling every time it touches me.
I swam with the fishes and jumped with the dolphins,
Plunging myself deeper into the sea,
But every time, the waters pushed me back,
Murmuring, about my destiny.
I was the smallest it seems, the lightest in the team,
So they said I was not meant for the deep,
But for the sky, I was told to fly
And was destined to reach new heights.
Confused was I and wondering why,
Was I treated so very differently?
For I too was a droplet, a water droplet,
Then why was I meant for the sky?

Confused and in pain, I looked up in vain
To be astound by my new sight,
There was this blue space, spread in my gaze,
Bigger than anything I saw my whole life.
From the corner of my sight, something bright caught my eye
And I saw him there for the first time,
My yellow ball of fire, shining brightly as ever,
Filling me with feelings of love and desire.
I forgot my world, the confusion and the hurt,
Only he stood bright in my eyes,
For the very first time, I felt this was a sign,
And wanted to make him all mine.

As an answer to my prayers, I was engulfed in heat layers,
And suddenly I felt being light,
I was rising from the waters, to where my heart desires,
I was changing my form to pure white.
I was closer to him now, flying in this new form,
I could just gape at him all the while,
I gawked at him from very close by,
And waited for him during the nights.
But all of these feelings were mine alone,
For he never noticed me at all,
I did all I could that any loving soul would
But he was busy ignoring me besides.
Gloomy I became and sad in pain,
Anger filled my inside,
My pure white manes where now turning grey
For the agony growing inside.

My limits were reached, ENOUGH! I screeched,
I shouted at him with all my might,
My thunders and lightning caught his attention
And I saw him astound for the first time.
With a cold gaze he gave me, he rejected me bluntly,
And I stood there blankly in fright.
I changed my form, and did everything for him alone,
And now he dejected me without a thought.
I wasted my life; I wanted to be his wife,
But he pushed me away without a sigh,
 I exploded in pain, and my tears flew as rain,
Till I became a memory in time.


Published by chanjalsworld

A writer, blogger, Painting Artist who loves to express.

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