I am a ball of fire, living up in the sky.
I am called the sun, as I always shine.
I rise from the mountains and sets into the seas,
And throughout the day I touch all gazing me.
Since the time I remember, I did the same,
It was rising and setting and shining my rays.
But one day, it happened that she caught my eyes,
I was stunned and staring for the very first time.
In a green meadow of a garden I think,
I saw her stand there in red and pink,
Bright she looked, from the rest of the flowers
May be that’s why, she was isolated from other.
Her velvety red petals, with hues of pink,
I was at loss of words, and all I did was blink,
She smiled at me, with her head held high,
The feeling I had was, “That rose is mine!”
Every day I would, gawk at her smile,
With my rays I touch her, and watch her shine,
Nights were the time, I hated the most,
A second without her, made me feel lost.
But one day, as we exchanged our gaze,
We were disrupted by a cloud, turning gray,
I was shocked, stunned and angry at her,
Why wouldn’t she allow me to see my girl?
With thunders and lightning she screeched at me,
“ENOUGH OF HER, For once notice me!”
I was baffled and dazed for a second or so,
But then I declared “I love the rose more.”
With lifeless eyes, she stared at me,
In her eyes I could sense her agony,
Tears rolled as rain, from her inert eyes,
I felt her pain, but helpless was I.
For a second or so, I forgot my rose,
I touched her rain, to console her soul,
But as I touched her pained tear drops,
Like magic my rays were white no more.
Seven colours, appeared as a bow,
It showed my love, her agony and more,
My child, I thought this rainbow was,
I looked at the cloud but she was no more.
Flustered I turned back to my rainbow,
But to my shock, my child too was gone,
Back to my senses I searched for my rose,
But all I saw was her lifeless thorns.
I lost my child along with his mother,
And also my soul alongside my lover,
Lonely I felt deep down my heart,

But here I am, now doing my part.


Published by chanjalsworld

A writer, blogger, Painting Artist who loves to express.

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