When the sun goes down, and the lights are out,
From the shadows of the dark, creep the evils and the louts,
With nothing in vision, I crumbled in fear,
For anything could happen, from far or near.
As I veiled my head and shuddered in terror,
Small yellow lights twinkled there and here,
A zillion of them appeared and disappeared,
I gazed at them forgetting my fear.
‘Lanterns of night’ or ‘stars on the earth’
They spread their lights without any girth,
 Like jolly little bulbs they flew everywhere,
As if not a second they had to spare.
The fear in my heart had been washed away,
There was a touch of thrill and love in the air,
The darker the night the brighter they lit,
At times on me, they didn’t mind to sit.
Magical was it and romantic as well,
To add on to it there was this earthy smell,
The black blue velvety sky was above,
And in me was spawning desires of love.
Amidst these magical flying lights around,
And crickets and beetles making their sounds,
There was this full moon shining so bright,
Nothing was more romantic than this sight.
I wished he was there just right beside me,
Holding my hand and staring at me deep,
Whispering beautiful words of love,
Drifting away into our beautiful world.
I hugged myself wanting to be held,
A touch of his now would have made me melt,
I wanted to sit all glued to him,
Staring at this sky that was lit all dim.


Published by chanjalsworld

A writer, blogger, Painting Artist who loves to express.

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