I stood there alone in the beautiful night sky,
Among the stars twinkling their gleaming lights,
Wishing to be loved for once in my entire life,
For I have been alone till now since the beginning of time.
I shown myself as a bright ball in white,
And touched everything with my icy cold light,
Trying to feel the warmth residing in them all,
The warmth of love was what I was searching for.
From the waves that charged to embrace the shore,
To the winds that kissed the trees some more,
Love brimmed everywhere to everyone I saw,
Only I didn’t feel the warmth of love at all.
My reflection in the waters seed romance in the air,
And I sense the warmth two lover souls share,
I beam brightly, to be a part of their longing affair,
Because I know how it feels when the feeling is not there.
As I forgot myself in my thoughts of despair,
A soothing warmth, I felt from somewhere,
Surprised and glee I turned around to see,
A humongous cloud was then embracing me.
The feeling was beautiful or even beyond may be,
I wonder why all this while I didn’t see,
Even while I searched both the land and sea,
This cloud has always been there beside me.
I looked into his eyes, searching feelings as mine,
And he looked at me, with the most beautiful smile,
Enchanting was it or dreaming was I?
I was more than glad I found someone truly mine.


Published by chanjalsworld

A writer, blogger, Painting Artist who loves to express.

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