I am a tiny little dew drop, on a leaf of the tree,
I was born on a cold night, when the sun was inside the sea.
Dark was it around, when I opened my eyes,
I waited for the sun to rise, to gawk at the world in its light.
I fought through the darkness and the chill it brought,
“It will pass anyhow, for the light to come in” I thought.
Every passing second, I spend that night in the cold,
Felt longer than an eternity, and chill so much to freeze my soul.
It was dark around, and nothing stood clear in my sight,
Just a few sparkles here and there, I could see in the white moonlight.
It seemed like hues of white, on a dark beautiful canvas,
Similar to a magical scenery, but with a nip of melancholy.
The moonlight touched me too, and I sparkled like the moon stone,
But no matter how unique I was, I felt being a part of a mourn.
There was sadness, darkness and chill with silence existing,
Regardless it beauty, the hope for the light in me was persisting.
Finally the time came, and came the first ray of light,
The yellow ribbon of sparkles was much more magical than the moonlight.
The melancholy changed to an emotion of glee,
The chirping of birds and there was happiness in everything I see.
The dark canvas was filled with colours,
So much of them that to count them, would take me hours.
A slight warm breeze took the chill away,
Shaking the tree and the leaf I lay.
I slipped through its tip and on the ground I fell,
Not sparing a moment, inside the ground I went.
It was at that moment of time, was something I realised,
I was meant for the darkness and not for the light.
I was the tear drop of the gloom that spread through the night,
I wasn’t meant for the glee that prevailed in the day with its light.
 I exist in gloom and I cease to subsist in glee,
I am a tiny dew drop, and this was a story about me.


Published by chanjalsworld

A writer, blogger, Painting Artist who loves to express.

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