From a bud, I bloomed to a beautiful flower,
Red were my petals and pretty was my color,
Only the rays of sun touched me ever,
Not a bug or a bee was ever my lover.
I looked at the world with a beautiful smile,
Who among them, would truly be mine,
Who would have his eyes on me?
And embrace me with all my beauty.
And finally one day, they bought me a lover,
He wasn’t a rose, but bigger and brighter,
He stood beside me with all his pride,
Looking down at me, saying, “Now you are mine.”
His thorny vines covered my leaves and stem,
Pulling me closer and hurting me with them,
“You don’t need the sun” to me, he said,
“You need me, nothing else instead!”.
My colors slowly, started fading away,
My smile was lost somewhere in dismay,
Tears of blood trickled down my cheeks,
Yet all expected me to smile in glee.
How can I smile, when I am so much in pain?
And why is my pain, to the world, a shame?
Why are they deafened to my shrieks of pain?
Why can’t they see me drowning in dismay?
Lifelessly I stood, trapped, beside him,
All my color and smile darkened in anguish,
Silently praying for that day to arrive,
When I would wither away, beyond anyone’s pride.


Published by chanjalsworld

A writer, blogger, Painting Artist who loves to express.

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