The sky was orange with streaks of black parting away,
I perched on a swing staring at the horizon that lay,
It is so beautiful even though I see it every day,
I wonder if I could ever reach the sun, if I may.
I see silhouettes of birds that are flying away,
Singing their chimes of freedom as their wings sway,
I stare at them with star studded eyes and a pounding heart,
Wondering how it would be to fly with them, being their part.
I live in a cage that is golden and grand,
Sparkles here and there, hanging above the land,
I get fruits and nuts, grains and water,
Not once in my life have I ever known hunger.
People stare at me for my beautiful colors,
And for how vibrant and bright are my feathers,
To them I am unique and deserve to be protected,
But what do they know about my desire beyond restrictions.
Day after Day, I fly up to my sparkly door,
Wishing for it to be opened for once and for all,
Disappointed I fly back to my swing,
Staring back again at the silhouettes of birds flying.
Not gold, not diamonds, not comfort, not treat,
Nothing can take away my desire to be free,
To race with the wind and with birds to sing,
And reach that horizon; I stare at without a blink.
One day I know I will reach that sky,
And nothing will stop me from living a dream that’s mine,
I just have to keep trying for that day to come,
A hope that had once died has now life in it at least some.


Published by chanjalsworld

A writer, blogger, Painting Artist who loves to express.

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