You brought me here, So I trusted you,You showed me the dreams, beyond my view,
Enchanted and thrilled was I, Experiencing everything new,
And most importantly, to be a part of you.
When you yelled, that you never chose me,
I thought you were angry, those words never meant to be,
But unintentionally, you see,
those words were sinking, into me.
Everything i did, was to make you happy,
To feel the pride, to have had me,
Every sacrifice I made, Never scared me,
as my destination was the words that said, you were proud of me.
But when the time came, for you to show me,
The love and care, I thought was meant for me,
You cold bloodily, back stabbed me,
Killing my dreams, and the future I dreamed.
When I shouted and yelled, at the betrayal you did to me,
you said my dreams, which you once showed me,
were wrong and that , was the reason for this pain in me,
Because I will never, achieve the dreams I thought was meant to me.
You told me I was worthless, and a curse to anyone who have me,
You said I look hideous, in comparison to those beautiful maidens around me,
You said I was a shame, my talents, for a maiden was never meant to be.
You said I was a disgrace, for the first time I complains against your words for me.
But the the partner you found, in exchange to my dreams,
took time, but ultimately understood me,
and had to face , the pain and scars you gave to me,
But held my hand tight promising never to let go me.
My scars and bruises, I will never forget,
And you one day will live to regret,
For a beautiful creation you could have spawned,
But used her and saw only her flaws.

* inspired by a toxic parenting victim's diary write up.


Published by chanjalsworld

A writer, blogger, Painting Artist who loves to express.

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