A longing lonely heart

Gaya was a beautiful girl who was born with a romantic heart. Her heart reflected in the way she looked and the world fancied romancing her. Though, to the world, romancing was lust, to her romance was the delicacy in anything beautiful.

She enjoyed the simplest things in life and was surprised to how the world could not see the ocean of romance flaired before them. While the gentle breeze plays with her colourful hair, she enjoys the gentle touch of the breeze , treating her as a delicate petal of the rose. When the sun sets, she feels the warmth of the gentle rays, hugging her a good bye. The shimmer of the stars and moon at night seems to her like talking to her about the romance of the mountains and the seas while she mezmerizes about romance.

She saw romance in the colours of the skies and the vibrant butterflies while the world saw her with an eye of lust. After blooming into a beautiful adult that can easily win over the claimed beauties of the world, she wished to have the delicacy of romance in her own life. Every man she met loved her, for her body and never cared of her heart. All they wished was to touch her and had nothing to do with her soul. She never let a man touch her for she understood their intentions and acknowledged her search was for the rarest.

Until she met the one man who touched her soul. She accepted him with all her heart and soul and so did expect to be the happiest of the creations. But alas the world was darker than her thoughts. He did love her not for her body or her soul. But for the beautiful children she could give him promising him beautiful offsprings. The ignorant Gaya gave him 4 children- the summer, spring, autumn and winter. Every year, the four kids took turns to embrace their mother, while the mother watched their father, the sun romance everyone but her.

The clouds, the wind, the waters the flowers, but never cared to love her, the nature. He embraced her every now and then for her never to complain but he played and peeked at the clouds and rain who giggled and romanced him without a regret. He fought with them with loud thunders and would return to her with a rainbow but the clouds kiss him again and he forgets her forgiving heart. The nature even now waits for him embracing every single of his children with a hope that one day he would see her longing lonely heart.

Published by chanjalsworld

A writer, blogger, Painting Artist who loves to express.

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