The angel inside

Stella was a stressed out woman. All her life, it was about responsibilities and duties. She was taught never to dissapoint and so she did her all for the same. From work to home and pleasure to priorities, she never fell behind her duties.

Her close to perfectional attitute even impressed many. While she was an inspiration to many, she even stirred jealousy in a few. But majority of them ,unintentionally probably, came into her life for the convenience she could provide them. She gave in her all unlike how anyone reciprocated to her.

Like any other woman, Stella was also a human who couldnt always be in her perfection, though she tried. Every slow down she had, the people who were benefitted pointed finger at her and as expected, she buckled up and drained her last ounce of energy for the perfection she achieves. But unknowingly this last ounce of energy was reserved by her body to heal or repair the mental and physical injuries she causes to her self. And when she uses that for an external purpose, her body falls short of the energy to repair and prepare her for the next day.

Gradually, she started to fall sick though she tried, her energy was not enough to please anyone and that is when she realized how selfish the world was. The people she once cared saw her as a burden as she was the one to be taken care of now. She saw the frustration of the ones around her as she was the one to be fed now. The realization hit her so hard that she was never for once loved but only used for all what she could.

She was so heart broken that her heart stopped once and for all. As her sad soul, opened her wings and raised above her demised body, she saw not a single genuine tear. It seemed she has wasted her entire life for people who cared none about her, or is it that her dedication to what she did, make them so? She wondered. Who was wrong she thought. Was it them for using her, or her, who showed them, she was usable? She wondered, when suddenly, she felt a hand locking fingers with hers.

She turned around only to be surprised by a graceful soul just like hers, standing besides her. His gentle smile soothed her pain. ” I have waited so long, for you my love” he said. ” Even when you incarnated as human on earth, the angel in you was reflected. These people dont deserve you my love, we need to go.” Saying so, he flew away with her, far away to a beautiful world she acctually belonged.

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A writer, blogger, Painting Artist who loves to express.

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