The story of a dandoline

I was a dandoline flower on a cliff. Simple, light and white was I and with a grace i stood there swaying to the slightest breeze. Far from the blurry horizon came a lady with brown hair that was shiny as the silk and a pale skin that looked soft like the clouds. May be if i had hands, i would have caressed her to know how she felt to be touched.

She cam closer to me kneeling right in front of me. Her eyes glimmered a hope with a touch of malonchony. She gazed at me making we wonder if she realized i was watching her too. The silence between us, she broke with a question she asked me, “Will he be mine?” The sincerity in her eyes caught my soul and made me feel like i had a mission to live for.

With a gush of wind she blowed, i swirled and twirled in the air watching her stand on the cliff watching me parting ways with her. As i floated over the clouds and the mountains, only her soft words echoed in my ears.

Beyond the horizon, far away, i met another dandoline that twirled and swirled just like me in the clouds and he told me to have met a mezmerizing man who asked him, ” will she be mine?” We twirled and danced and fell in love with each other like as if we met each other for a reasona nd the mission we set for our lives were complete!

I wonder if he was hers now and if she was his? The question still remains untold….

Published by chanjalsworld

A writer, blogger, Painting Artist who loves to express.

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